Trade Bangladesh

What We Do

4865891843_8493fab7fbWe are a young Trading Firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh with an objective of promoting and exporting Bangladeshi products, especially the local brands. In this productivity conscious Era, it is more efficient and cost-effective to use sales representative to sell products-locally or abroad. With this view and present trend in market we set our goal to get into the export market in Latin America, Africa and Central Asia with Bangladeshi products. Breaking into the most competitive and ever demanding export market is not a catwalk/cakewalk. The market penetration takes one to two years time and needs relentless persuasion.

We are taking up the complementary products for export for that do not compete with one another.

The scope is not limited to selling only, we also intend to extend user’s training, technical support to the importers/wholesalers and arrange joint sales calls to wholesalers/retailers in the targeted market.

We devote our skill to identity prospective buyers and to offer our Bangladeshi manufacturer’s product information on-line round the year.